Here we go…

I’ve always been a creative person at heart.  My life has veered in many directions, where, many hours have been spent honing my logical and technical skills. After thinking about starting a lifestyle/fashion/food/drink blog for a while now, it’s time that I get back to nurturing my innovative and inspired self.

As with all blogs, a first post deserves some words about the writer…I grew up in suburban New Jersey in a small town called Holmdel.  My upbringing was fairly normal with the occasional tiger-mom mandates that have shaped my responsible and practical side.  I went out of state for college and after graduation found myself in an exciting, diverse world where my hunger for life was insatiable.  After six years of constant moving from city to city, and from the east coast towards the west (based on my consulting career and an MBA in the mix), I have finally settled in California. More specifically Sunnyvale, CA.  Oh, and I got hitched along the way.  Here begins the next chapter where all things eat, drink, and chic are collected.  I’m calling it Style Bar Sunnyvale.  The experience is like going to the bar and ordering a drink, except you’re getting a dose of something stylish instead.  Hope you enjoy my upcoming musings and posts!

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