Playing Hostess (Part 1)


Since I will be throwing a couple of holiday parties this year, I have been on the hunt for decorative pieces for my house and in search of yummy, but easy recipes.  In today’s Part 1 of the holiday guide, I’d like to share some shopping finds to either 1) accent your home for your party or 2) bring as a gift to the next party you attend.  Part 2 tomorrow will be decorating yourself (finding that perfect outfit!) and planning the cocktail and dinner menu.
Here we go!


West Elm Jali Lattice Dinnerware, for a festive dinner but not over the top


Decorative Pashmina Pillow from Zara Home


Foo Dogs Set from C Wonder


Fresh mini soaps to spice up the bathroom


Happiness vases from Wisteria, perfect with some pink peonies


Fun and festive wine bottle toppers from Pottery Barn


Coffee table books (from Amazon)

Enjoy the party planning (or attending)!  Check back tomorrow for party outfits.

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