Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover and Cocktail Enthusiast





Since I am a wine lover and cocktail enthusiast myself, I thought it would only be appropriate to have a separate gift guide for those who love…wine and cocktails!  I do have a knack for collecting stemware (can’t have too many) and gift barware items to my husband all the time (he’s the resident bartender at home) so creating this list was super fun for me.  These are truly gifts that keep on giving.  Without further ado…


Food & Wine’s 2013 Wine Guide (I own this book and refer to it quite often!)

Iittala stemware

Chic and modern stemware from Iittala

william_sonoma_iceKing Cube silicone ice cube trays (perfectly chills your drink while melting slowly)

amazon_bitters_setFee Brothers cocktail bitters set


How about a monthly subscription to a favorite winery?

electric wine opener

Electric wine opener (cordless and re-chargeable)

wine saver

Vacuum wine saver

Noritake Palais Black-15536-15537

Blind tasting stemware

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