Monogram Everything

I know we are past the gift-giving frenzy of the holidays, but there is one gift-giving trend for 2013 that has caught my attention.  The monogrammed gift.  Monogrammed gifts provide an extra touch of personalization for ‘that someone special’ and I’ve been seeing initials on everything–from mugs to jewelry to shirts.  I remember when I was younger and would go to stores like Things Remembered to get items monogrammed for my family and friends.  It just made my gift more unique (and also showed I put some thought into the gift!).  Well, I personally like this idea and would love to buy one or two Anthropologie mugs below.

While the holidays may be over, there is that one ‘holiday’ coming up dedicated to you and your special someone where you might want to think about gifting something personalized.  Valentine’s Day.  Too early?







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