Happy Weekend


Happy Friday!  This weekend, I’m looking forward to my company holiday party on Saturday night (I know, aren’t we all done with holiday partying??).  For some reason, my company (remember, I’m in consulting) likes to throw its holiday party after the actual holiday season.  I think they realize that December is just a busy month for everyone…whether one is hosting out of town family, finishing up year-end projects, taking that much-needed-much-deserved vacation…it’s a hectic time.  So, our company party has been in January for as long as I can remember.  I’m not complaining, because hey, it’s a party to get dolled up for!  (On a side note, I would love to be able to wear fur heels like the Gucci ones above to the party.)  Check back here soon for pictures of what I’ll be wearing!

I’m also looking forward to detoxing (perfect on Sunday) with a berry smoothie.  I’m normally a fan of eating fruits and veggies raw because I think you get the most nutrients that way, but really though, how great do these look?


green-smoothie-lemongrass-glitterguideCheckout the recipes here!

Image 1 (Pinterest) / 2 / 3

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