Happy February! (+ links)

Valentine_cardImage via Pinterest (Colette Stanton)

Happy February!  Wow, can’t believe the month of January is over!  It’s been a super busy week with work-related activities so I’m very happy it’s Friday.  I’ve got a full weekend planned that includes catching up with ‘ole friends over good food and wine (my favorite!).

With February on our doorstep, Valentine’s Day approaching, Chinese New Year in the not-too-distant-future, and a spout of warmer weather, I’ve been thinking about everything spring…spring colors, spring cleaning, spring make-overs, spring collections.  I know we’re not quite there yet as I know some parts of the country are still frigid, but it’s nice to know that spring is tip-toeing near.

As a little inspiration, here’s what I’m loving right now all in festive, spring colors:

Be cheery before you make your morning espresso with this one from DeLonghi:


Keep the winter doldrums at bay with this yellow striped bedding from West Elm


Swap out your make-up greys and browns with a little bit of pink and purple:


Perk up your ‘ole standard iPad carrying case with some hot pink from Clare Vivier


Look forward to reading by the coffee table or eating at the dinner table with some Anthropologie  pastel flower vases

Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

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