Red and Pink…for Chinese New Year


While the color wheel on red and pink may be on top of everyone’s mind for Valentine’s day, I have another “holiday” in mind, one that is coming up in two days.  Chinese New Year.  It’s not an official US holiday, but in Asia it is the mother of all holidays.  Think the Christmas season in the states.  I thought I would use today’s post to share a few traditions that I’ll be wearing, making and eating for Chinese New Year.

The color red is a must.  From handing out red envelopes to wearing a red thong (not a requirement, but recommended!) these are all traditional CNY activities.

topshop_red_dressTopshop Flippy Tunic

For New Year’s Eve dinner, I have two words: abundance and abundance.  There are several signature dishes such as fish, noodles, sweet red bean cake, etc., and each represents a good wish for the year.

Oodles of noodles for long life


Dumplings for wealth and prosperity


House decorating (and the obligatory cleaning) is another activity that happens around Chinese New Year.  There are many options from putting up paper goods to festive ornaments.

Good luck ornaments (in both red and gold) to adorn the house


For those who are celebrating, happy Chinese New Year!

Top image from Catherine Chugg (Pinterest)

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