Throwing an Oscars Viewing Party

For those who are throwing an Oscars viewing party this weekend or just want to make your at-home experience a little more fun and festive, here are my ingredients for an easy breezy Oscars party:

1. Throw up some gold and silver balloons = instant flash of celebration.

party balloons

2. Use colorful straws to accompany your beverages and put a bow-tie on them.

bowtie straws

3. No Oscars party is complete without some champagne.  Go on, get bubbly.

champagne on ice

4. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen making a large meal, bring out the sugar and snacks.



chocolate cupcakes

5. And if you really want to get into the celebratory mood, don a fantastic dress!

christopher kane floral dress

Have a great weekend everyone!

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