From Work to Weekend Tote

I’ve been working at my new job for about a week now (still in management consulting), and, of course, I’m thinking of getting a new bag!  Although the jury is still out as to what type of bag, I’m leaning towards the tote.  In my opinion, it’s kind of the perfect all-in-one bag and can take you from work to weekend, aaand maybe even to the beach. Well, that might depend on how nice of a tote you have.  From a quick search around the web, I’ve come across SO many pretty colors…lovely yellows, bright teals, happy reds.  It’s a tough decision (first world problems, I know).  I’m looking for function over form and one that will last a few years.  And screams summer!  Which one(s) should I consider?  Please let me know if you have a favorite!

 (clockwise) Reed Krakoff “Atlantique” / Sophie Hulme / Rochas / Coach / Michael Kors / Reiss / J. Crew

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