Europe Essentials – Part 2

Today, I’m sharing the next 3 essentials I’ll be packing for my trip to Europe.  Continuing on from yesterday’s post

4. Shades – a good pair of sunglasses just adds that “je ne sais quoi” cool factor and can instantly make your look very chic.  Perfect to protect and shield your eyes from a full day of walking under the hot Mediterranean sun.  However, not all sunglasses are made for everyone…so choose wisely!

5. Costume Jewelry – similar to scarves, one of the easiest ways to amp up jeans and a tee or a dress.  Transition from museum to cocktails by adding a statement necklace or a pair of stand-out earrings, adding a ‘wow’ factor to simple silhouettes.

6. Walking shoes – hard to believe, but there are stylish flats out there.  No need to be sightseeing in heels or even wedges (save them for dinner and a night out!)

It has been fun pulling together my Europe Essentials…hope you’ve enjoyed reading! xoxo

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