Welcome Home + Europe Fashion

We are back from Europe!  I finally have stable internet to get back on track with blog posting.  Wow, what a whirlwind trip the hubby and I have had this past month.  I have to say, the vacation was amazing, but it feels so good to be home!

As I begin to unpack and sift through the thousands of photos we took, I thought I would do a post on the European fashion scene.  This is not going to be all-inclusive as I am writing this on jet-lag, but I definitely saw these two trends popping up everywhere in Europe.

1. Wedge Sneakers – what do you think about the wedge sneaker?  It’s not a new trend…but one that is growing on me.  I think this neutral pair worn with denim cutoffs is so great. (Psst, I actually bought a pair myself!  Hope to feature them on the blog soon.)


Loving this pair for a pop of color.

2. High-low shirts – Last year, the high-low dress and skirt was very popular.  This year, I’m seeing the trend move towards high low shirts.



What do you think?  Any favorites?  I’m back at the office today…ciao!


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