Oldie but Goodie

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It was a low key weekend for me as I got back to my usual routine.  After a few days back at work, the weekend could not have come sooner!  One of my favorite activities in Europe (particularly Italy) was to go to ‘walk-up’ coffee bars, grab an espresso, and be on my way.  How I miss these walk up coffee bars.  On Sunday, I decided to go out for coffee at one of my favorite Bay area coffee shops, Philz Coffee.  They customize each cup based on how you like it – you pick the beans and then specify L/M/H for cream and sugar.  Soo good!  The hubby and I decided to linger for a while, snap some photos, and reminisce about our trip.  It was the perfect start to a casual Sunday.

Ann Taylor top (old, another pretty style), Insight Floral Shorts (old, love this one), BCBG Edie Bag (also seen here and here), Sam Edelman sandals (also here), Corsani necklace (from Florence, Italy)

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