Black and White

blackandwhite (3)blackandwhiteblackandwhite (2)


I have finally gotten around to sorting through our Europe honeymoon photos.  We took over 3000 photos!  Phew.

I was very organized when I packed for this trip.  I wanted to bring 1 carry-on bag and one tote…only.  Yep, for the entire 4 weeks we would be in Europe.  The strategy was to keep to a simple color scheme, accessorize with color, and pack layers.  It worked out quite well, actually!  These photos were taken in Paris near the Notre Dame on one of the few sunny days during our visit to the city.

Do you have any packing tips or strategies for long international trips?  Please share!

Madewell Sweater (love this one) / Ann Taylor Modern Boot Cut Jeans / Madewell Leather Belt / Madewell Transport Tote / Report Jezzica flats / Watch (old) / Michael Kors Bracelet

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