For the Host & Hostess

dinner party

This week the hubby and I went over to our friend’s house for dinner.  It was a fun evening of delicious food, great conversation, and fantastic wine.  As a guest I wanted to add something to the evening but didn’t want to bring the usual bottle of wine.  Here are some ideas that I thought of that night…

For a Foodie Couple:

-Offer to create your signature cocktail for dinner-

bar cart

For a Fashionista Couple:

-Summery nail polish for her, leather bracelet for him-

For a Decorista Couple:

-Flowers for the table-



-Decorative Bar Soap-


What would you bring to a dinner party?  Guess which ‘gift’ I brought to my friend’s this week!

1 / 2 / 3a, 3b / 4 / 5

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