A New Home



Welcome to Morning Espresso!  After reflecting over my blogging adventures over the past year, I decided to re-vamp the blog and move to my own domain.  It comes at a perfect time since this blog is hitting it’s one year anniversary very soon (September).  No worries, I will still publish the same fashion/style/design-centric content, just in a more organized way and (hopefully) with better pictures.  I still aim to share creativity and beautiful images from my posts and hope to inspire you, my fellow readers.  So sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of espresso and enjoy reading!

Update: the design for the blog is still a work in progress.  Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for stopping by the blog!

One thought on “A New Home

  1. I love love love how your blog looks. Very professional. I’m thinking of getting my dormain soon plus mine will be hitting a year in October. It’s been a hellova journey i tell you from no likes and comments, to a few likes and comments, to a couple of followers… I’m still on the journey and loving every minute of it. Feel free to visit mine and like and comment on the ones you love.

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