Mom’s Day



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Hey, it’s Friday!  I am still a little jet-lagged from our recent vacation so I can’t complain that this was a three-day work week for me.  I know many of you are prepping/shopping and looking forward to Mother’s Day this weekend (what are some of your plans?).  While I won’t be seeing my mom in person this time (she lives on the east coast), I’ll be giving her a call on Sunday.  She and the rest of my family plan to visit us next month, so I was thinking about what we could do when she is in town, sort of like a belated Mother’s Day…

I would start the day by taking her to brunch — find a great place with delicious mimosas and a tasty frittata.  Then I’d find an outdoor patio where we could talk for hours over coffee and dessert.  Since she lives farther away, any time we see each other it’s usually a marathon chatting session to catch-up.  Sounds like a plan.

Enjoy your Friday and I hope you get to spend quality time with your mom (and family) this weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend!  xoxo



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