By the Park





As you may have heard me say many times before, the weather in Asia is hot and humid this time of year.  While the first few photos above look like I was standing in a decrepit house, I was visiting Anping Tree House in Tainan, Taiwan, in which an old warehouse was taken over by a huge Banyan tree.  The roots have expanded and permeated through much of the structure.  Some say the house is haunted, and while there is a somewhat eerie feeling while walking through it, from an aerial view on top of the steps, the site is beautiful.

Following a day of site-seeing, a must-do is stopping by one of Taiwan’s famous shaved ice vendors.  My favorite flavor is mango and as you can see they serve huge chunks of fresh cut mango with the shaved ice!  So good.


Top – Anthropologie (loving this print) / Shorts – Anthropologie / Hat – J.Crew (last seen here) / Sandals – J.Crew (last seen here) / Bag – Coach (last seen here) / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

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