Top Layer

Rylie Wrap Coat



BR Plaid Crop Coat


Hello – I took a break from blogging last week as I had too many things going on, from early morning meetings to Dr. appointments, and so on.  Sorry for the brief hiatus!

Now that the weather has gotten chillier here for us in the (South) Bay Area, and literally in a New York minute, guess what’s on top of my fall wishlist?  A coat!  To me, it’s so important to have a top layer that you really love, not only to keep you warm of course, but it’s the layer that you wear everyday as you step out the door.  Along with the right shoe and handbag, the right coat is an essential.

Above are coats that I’m coveting right now all in simple colors and styles.  They’re also readily accessible from some of my favorite brands and are reasonably priced.  What’s on your fall wishlist and do you have any must-haves on your list?  Happy shopping!

Coat 1 – Emerson Fry / Coat 2 – Club Monaco / Coat 3 – Banana Republic



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