Happy Monday!  One of the activities my mommy friends recommended that we do before the baby gets here is to go out and enjoy as many movies–in theaters–as we can.  So with the big Interstellar opening up last weekend, we thought we’d go out for a casual movie date.  At the risk of giving up too much plot information, I won’t give my review of the movie here, but I will say…go and see it!  At about 3 hours, it is long, but a great film touching upon not just science and outer space, but also family and love, touching all emotions.

On another note, my growing belly is getting bigger by the day and I’m constantly updating my wardrobe to accommodate for it.  So far, I’ve loved shopping online — it really saves time.  And time is such a luxury these days.  I’m trying to push myself to do more posts going forward and apologize for how quiet it’s been on the homefront.


Hope you’re having a great start to the week!

Dress – Ann Taylor / Shoes – Schutz (past season) / Bag – Loeffler Randall (in natural here)

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