Brand New Week



Here we go…another brand new week!  Can you believe we are a little more than a week away from Christmas?  December has definitely flown by fast.  I just hit my third trimester this week which means I am down to the last few months of pregnancy.  I hear that there are new ‘experiences’ that come with third trimester — back pain, more leg cramps, return of heart burn, and definitely increased weight gain, among others.  While these don’t sound too pleasant, it’s amazing to continue to see how the body grows and changes.  What I do know is that baby kicks have turned up more these days.

The Bay Area forecast calls for more wet weather until Wednesday.  All I want to do is wear comfy pajamas and sip hot cocoa (recent pregnancy craving) all day long!  When I do need to go out, I’ve been drawn to darker, more neutral colors such as blacks, grays, navy blues and plums, similar to the outfit above.  It’s all about practicality and comfort when you’ve got a bump to cover.

Hope you’re having a great start to the week and if you’re in the northern California area, stay dry!


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