A Change in Accessory



I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t carry handbags much these days when I head out the door.  That’s because I have a new accessory now: the diaper bag.  When I was pregnant I looked for a diaper bag that was both stylish and functional.  I also gravitated towards a bag that was neutral, since, the hubby would be lugging this around as well.  I found ‘the one’ at Pottery Barn Kids.  They have a huge collection in all different shapes, sizes and patterns.  In the end I made out with two (one was a gift and smaller in size).  I carry this gray one and love that it is roomy, filled with pockets, and also lightweight (a big bonus especially when you’ve filled it with every baby thing you own!).  We also monogrammed ours for a nice touch.  Check out more at Pottery Barn Kids…below are some other ones I like.

Gray Embroidered Diaper Tote

Chelsea Downtown Diaper Satchel

Navy Sydnee Bag

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