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From my previous posts, you’ll see I’ve had long hair for the last 6 months.  Knowing that I would be dealing with a newborn and have zero time to style my hair each day (so true), I grew my hair long so that I could easily pull it up into a ponytail.  It was a good idea for a while.  I soon discovered it took extra time to wash and dry my hair (for those days that I did wash it).  Also, once the baby became aware of his hands and fingers, he started to grab and tug at my long strands.  Since summer is upon us, I decided it was time for a hair cut and style change.

Drumroll, please…



et voila, we have the long the bob!  It’s a great length for those who want to dabble with short hair but don’t want to go all the way to a short bob.  The long bob is getting a lot of attention this season and you’ll see many celebrities going for this shorter style.

It feels refreshing to have short hair, will take me seconds to wash it, and the styling is easy.  The fun part was getting some highlights — a little bit of caramel highlights running through the top half of my hair.  My stylist also gave me a bit of ombre highlights in the back.

There you have it.  A shorter, brighter look for the new season!

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