Happy Tuesday!  I know I’ve been quiet in the blogging world lately…and I’m sure you can tell from my bump above…I’m expecting!  This little baby boy is due in March 2015 and the hubby and I are just so thrilled.  We are very excited to be nurturing this little one and can’t wait for his arrival next year.

On the home front, I grew out of my ‘normal’ clothes very quickly and had to shop for larger sizes pretty early on.  Although I’ve been buying larger sizes (M instead of XS), I’m not wearing maternity clothes yet.  I’m sure I will soon.  While I might be wearing a different size, you can be sure style is not going away!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!  xoxo


Dress – Old Navy (super on sale!) / Shoes – old, similar here / Sunglasses – Banana Republic (similar here)

A New Home



Welcome to Morning Espresso!  After reflecting over my blogging adventures over the past year, I decided to re-vamp the blog and move to my own domain.  It comes at a perfect time since this blog is hitting it’s one year anniversary very soon (September).  No worries, I will still publish the same fashion/style/design-centric content, just in a more organized way and (hopefully) with better pictures.  I still aim to share creativity and beautiful images from my posts and hope to inspire you, my fellow readers.  So sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of espresso and enjoy reading!

Update: the design for the blog is still a work in progress.  Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for stopping by the blog!

On the Move…




I apologize for the quietness on this blog these last few days! The blog will be moving to a new domain very soon (still the same blog and content, just different web address). I have been thinking about moving the site to my own domain for a while now and have been working to make this happen. Please be patient with me as I finish the last few steps. We will be getting back to regular posts soon. Thank you for understanding and hope everyone is having a great week!

Update: the blog is now located at morning-espresso.com.

A Year Older…

Birthday balloons

Today I turn another year older.  Wiser?  Maybe.  It’s amazing how time flies.  Just the other day I was still in graduate (business) school, among amazing, smart people, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career.  Then I moved to the Bay Area, looking for a new job all while planning a wedding.  Fast forward a couple of years and I am here: married to the most patient and loving husband, living in one of the happiest cities in the country, and doing pretty well with my career.  So, what’s next?  This conversation most likely deserves a glass of wine and a few hours of your time, but for now I feel…content.  Yes, there are still many more goals to achieve, places to visit, and wine to be had, of course.  And there’s the talk of starting a family.  Breaking away from the ‘planner’ that I’ve always been, I’d like to try something different this next year.  Live life to the fullest and with a passion and see where things take me.  Happy birthday to all May birthdays!

Thanks for indulging me in a more personal post today.  Hope you’re off to a wonderful Thursday! xoxo