Monogram Everything

I know we are past the gift-giving frenzy of the holidays, but there is one gift-giving trend for 2013 that has caught my attention.  The monogrammed gift.  Monogrammed gifts provide an extra touch of personalization for ‘that someone special’ and I’ve been seeing initials on everything–from mugs to jewelry to shirts.  I remember when I was younger and would go to stores like Things Remembered to get items monogrammed for my family and friends.  It just made my gift more unique (and also showed I put some thought into the gift!).  Well, I personally like this idea and would love to buy one or two Anthropologie mugs below.

While the holidays may be over, there is that one ‘holiday’ coming up dedicated to you and your special someone where you might want to think about gifting something personalized.  Valentine’s Day.  Too early?







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Playful Patterns


Image from the Glitter Guide

Between decorating my new house and finding new inspiration to spruce up my place for upcoming holiday fetes, I am sensing that my creativity meter is at an all-time high. Whether it’s a chevron pattern, stripes (the old standby), a flower motif, leopard, or what have you, I love playing with patterns for home decor.  Whether you are buying a new rug, table linens, or mirror, here’s some inspiration…do share what you like/dislike!

Decorative Pillows from Shop Ten 25


Leopard Coasters from Zara Home


Throw Blanket (also comes in green) from Shop Ten 25


Chevron Mirror from Wisteria

C Wonder Ginger Vases

Ginger Vases from C. Wonder

Rainy Days


Jacket: A-thread, Scarf: vendor in Asia, Shirt: Gap, Ankle-Strap heels: Zara, Bracelet: David Yurman

It was a rainy weekend through and through so I had a chance to throw on a beanie and take my new a-thread lightweight utility jacket for a spin.  The hunter green color juxtaposes nicely with my tried and true purple leopard scarf and navy skinny jeans.  I bought the purple leopard scarf on a past trip to Asia and just love the twist it gives to the usual leopard style.  I wore this outfit to run errands and grab coffee/brunch, and the casual, yet chic outfit kept me warm all day!



I didn’t get a good shot of the inner lining of the jacket, but look how beautiful the checkered pattern is.  Definitely will be wearing this jacket many more times.


Image from a-thread

Up and Coming Designers

After all of the shopping frenzy that was Cyber Monday (I prefer online shopping than dealing with crowds) I’ve come to realize that I am drawn to small businesses. During my online shopping, I came across many small, online businesses that provided creative, functional, beautiful, classic-yet-of-the-moment, fun products, from clothing to decor to tech gadgets and so on. I asked myself, why don’t I shop at these less known stores more often?? Well, we feel comfortable with what we know right?

I’ve decided I’m going to make a more concerted effort to post items from smaller businesses, more unique stores, and companies you might not hear about everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the standby J. Crews and ASOS’s of the world. However, it just feels great to find one-of-a-kind items that are different and helps expand your style and point of view.

To start, let’s take a look at some up and coming designers from this year and their fab designs. Tell me, have you heard of these designers and what do you think of their work?

Ostwald Helgason

Tanya Taylor

Wes Gordon

Images from Refinery29