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It’s been about a week now since Target released it’s new fall home collection from Nate Berkus, but I have to say that I am in love with every single piece.  I recently stopped by my local Target store and was happy to see there were still some stock left.  My favorites?  That would be the gold specked table runner, cheeseboard, and bowls and plates sets.  I just love the gilded dining ware and the gold, in combination with black and white, makes each piece versatile from fall into the holidays.

Great inspiration for upcoming group dinners and holiday parties!

Al Fresco Dining

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We’ve been having amazing weather all week (hit record highs of 90 yesterday!) and all I can think about is the next step in our home decorating process: sprucing up our patio.  While the patio size is not that large (maybe a 10×5 space), we want to make it a cozy spot for different occasions such as relaxed reading, summer bbqs, grilling party, or an afternoon nap.  Summer means many no-frills evenings where we head to a comfortable nook to sit, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy nice weather.

I’ve seen a lot of sales these days for garden lanterns, outdoor furniture, decorative lights, you name it, and I can’t help but gather some inspirational ideas for patio decor.  There are so many decisions to make from color palette to furniture to flowers.  And we can’t forget about the grill – a must have on our patio.  Let me know if you have a favorite item in your patio or any ideas to recommend!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

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Interior Design: Fuchsia Accents

It’s already Friday!  This week has gone by fast.

I moved into my new house about six months ago and decorating my house has been an on-going project.  Since I love fuchsia (it was one of my wedding colors) I liked the idea of a fairly monochrome living room with fuchsia accents.  While I have some of the major pieces in place (sofa, TV, rug), I am far from done!  After putting away the Christmas decorations this week, I realized how much extra space I have in the room and the thought has got me back to decorating again.  I’m always collecting ideas, images, and color palettes when I come across them and already have a folder brimming with inspiration.  What do you think?  Please send any links or feedback my way!


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Playful Patterns


Image from the Glitter Guide

Between decorating my new house and finding new inspiration to spruce up my place for upcoming holiday fetes, I am sensing that my creativity meter is at an all-time high. Whether it’s a chevron pattern, stripes (the old standby), a flower motif, leopard, or what have you, I love playing with patterns for home decor.  Whether you are buying a new rug, table linens, or mirror, here’s some inspiration…do share what you like/dislike!

Decorative Pillows from Shop Ten 25


Leopard Coasters from Zara Home


Throw Blanket (also comes in green) from Shop Ten 25


Chevron Mirror from Wisteria

C Wonder Ginger Vases

Ginger Vases from C. Wonder

House Love

Ever since I bought my house in South Bay, I’ve been trying to find an area rug for the foyer.  Instead of using a runner, I’m thinking a round rug would be something different and more artistic.  I’m also drawn to rugs that are a little abstract, may have one or two bold colors, and a unique print.  What about a budget?  I don’t have a particular dollar amount but a range from $100-$300 would be where I’m looking to land.

Here are some sites I’ve used in the past:

Rugs USA

All Modern


Crate and Barrel

What do you think of the rugs below?  Any suggestions for great rug websites?