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I have finally gotten around to sorting through our Europe honeymoon photos.  We took over 3000 photos!  Phew.

I was very organized when I packed for this trip.  I wanted to bring 1 carry-on bag and one tote…only.  Yep, for the entire 4 weeks we would be in Europe.  The strategy was to keep to a simple color scheme, accessorize with color, and pack layers.  It worked out quite well, actually!  These photos were taken in Paris near the Notre Dame on one of the few sunny days during our visit to the city.

Do you have any packing tips or strategies for long international trips?  Please share!

Madewell Sweater (love this one) / Ann Taylor Modern Boot Cut Jeans / Madewell Leather Belt / Madewell Transport Tote / Report Jezzica flats / Watch (old) / Michael Kors Bracelet

Europe Essentials – Part 2

Today, I’m sharing the next 3 essentials I’ll be packing for my trip to Europe.  Continuing on from yesterday’s post

4. Shades – a good pair of sunglasses just adds that “je ne sais quoi” cool factor and can instantly make your look very chic.  Perfect to protect and shield your eyes from a full day of walking under the hot Mediterranean sun.  However, not all sunglasses are made for everyone…so choose wisely!

5. Costume Jewelry – similar to scarves, one of the easiest ways to amp up jeans and a tee or a dress.  Transition from museum to cocktails by adding a statement necklace or a pair of stand-out earrings, adding a ‘wow’ factor to simple silhouettes.

6. Walking shoes – hard to believe, but there are stylish flats out there.  No need to be sightseeing in heels or even wedges (save them for dinner and a night out!)

It has been fun pulling together my Europe Essentials…hope you’ve enjoyed reading! xoxo

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Europe Essentials – Part 1

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know that I am about to embark on my European honeymoon very soon…in 1.5 weeks to be exact! (but hey, who’s counting?)

As I meticulously plan the trip’s itinerary, transportation, wardrobe, etc., I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the information I’ve picked up and learned during this prep time.  In this first part, I’ll share my first three “Europe Essentials” for what to pack on a 2+ week trip.

1. Stripes – it’s the quintessential look for a European getaway.  Navy, white, red, bold stripes, thin stripes, the combinations are endless.

2. Scarves – to dress up the staple jeans and a tee and to keep you warm on those chilly nights.  I tend to go for pretty and fun patterns with bold color palettes.

3. Neutrals – pick a neutral color palette so you can create multiple outfits with a limited number of items.  Great colors to include are navy, tan, military green, red, black, and gray (better yet go white on white to try this season’s hottest trend).

Check back tomorrow to find out what I’ll be packing for my next three “Europe Essentials”!

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Dreaming of a European Getaway




French Riviera


I’ve been knee-deep these days planning for my upcoming trip to Europe.  Yes, Europe!!  The hubby and I are super excited as we are finally making our belated, belated honeymoon a reality (we’ve been married close to 2 years now).  We will be spending four (four!!) weeks in western Europe.  We are still finalizing the itinerary and activities, but the big spots we’ll visit include London, Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Monaco, Italy (spending a lot of time here), Vienna, Prague, Munich and Frankfurt.  It’ll be a whirlwind tour for sure with longer stays in a several places.  Although my type-A personality certainly comes through here and there during this planning process (yes, I am using excel), at the end of the day I will be so happy to just wander around cobblestone streets and towns, gaze at the Mediterranean sunset with wine in hand, awe at the historical structures that have so much history and story behind them, eat my French and Italian heart out, and have gelato 2x everyday.  The trip begins in mid-June–coming up close, yet still so far away!  While browsing around on Pinterest today, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards these beautiful images…and you heard it here first, I will be taking my Nikon with me and taking many of my own images (cannot be lazy in documenting this trip).  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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