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When I first moved into my new house, I decided to paint the walls.  It was a huge change from  the usual white walls I just plainly accepted when I was a renter.  I decided to go for bold colors (think greens, blues, purples and various shades of each color) and while browsing home decor sites I realized that I had utilized color blocking in my living and dining rooms!  Color blocking is another artistic way to vamp up the rooms.  There are almost no rules, as you can see: sometimes bold against bold looks great while other times, using colors within the same family works better.  Do you use any color when decorating at home?  Please share any great tips!

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Interior Design: Statement Rug

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It seems like with the start of the new year, many people I know have moved into new homes and are in the process of decorating their abodes.  Those who did not move are re-decorating or adding the right conversation piece to their current homes.  Whichever group you belong to, one decorating tip that I like (and currently use in my own home) is making a bold statement with a rug.

From the examples above, statement rugs just add the right zing to a room.  Stripes (how about this one from West Elm), geometric patterns (like this one from C&B), repeating lines, a striking color, shapes (such as a round rug from Anthropologie), are all ways that make a statement rug stand out.  The general rule of thumb I follow is if my rug is busy and bold, I try to keep the rest of the room simple and let my furniture and furnishings compliment the rug.

There are many options out there and all in various price ranges.  There are even sites that let you create your own pattern/design.  Some of the best finds are from small local businesses right in your town that would not be available to the masses.  I’d recommend first looking at magazines, online sites, Pinterest, to get ideas.  Maybe talk it over with your interior designer (if you have one).  Once you have an idea of what speaks to you and have some knowledge of fabric options, sizes, and care, you can shop around and make adjustments as needed based on your budget (if you have one).

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Interior Design: Fuchsia Accents

It’s already Friday!  This week has gone by fast.

I moved into my new house about six months ago and decorating my house has been an on-going project.  Since I love fuchsia (it was one of my wedding colors) I liked the idea of a fairly monochrome living room with fuchsia accents.  While I have some of the major pieces in place (sofa, TV, rug), I am far from done!  After putting away the Christmas decorations this week, I realized how much extra space I have in the room and the thought has got me back to decorating again.  I’m always collecting ideas, images, and color palettes when I come across them and already have a folder brimming with inspiration.  What do you think?  Please send any links or feedback my way!


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