The Short Suit: To Do or Not to Do?


short suit2

metallic short suit

Although wearing shorts to work (in the consulting world) would not be the best idea, I do like the new short suit look I’m seeing popping up everywhere.  I can see the short suit as a chic alternative to wearing a dress to a glamorous dinner or party.  What do you guys think?  Would you wear the short suit?

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Drop it Low


One of my favorite dress silhouettes is the drop waist.  This style goes back to the 1920’s when women’s fashion was changing at a fast speed.  A drop waist dress is essentially when the waist of the dress drops below your natural waist, elongating the body and thus making your body appear leaner.  Functional and fashionable!

The style is popping up everywhere and it is a continuing trend into Spring 2013.  Here are some I would love to add to the wishlist:


Sacai Luck






Juliet Dunn