Happy Weekend


Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy week and I am ready for this weekend to start!  Although it will be a packed weekend with baby showers and birthday parties (for kids), I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family.  Lately, we’ve been soaking up every last drop of sunshine and summer with grilling and lounging on our patio.  The above picture captures some of our recent libations.  I can’t believe we are nearing the end of August already.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a roundup of “links I love” so I’ll end this week with some of my current favorites.

  • I recently discovered the site Chicwish.  It offers trendy and (very) affordable clothes and accessories.  Love!
  • It seems clothing subscription services are still on the rise.  There’s Stitch Fix, where a personal stylist hand picks 5 items that are sent to you each month.  Keep what you want and send the rest back.  Lately, I’ve read about Le Tote, where you can purchase or rent clothing and accessories each month.  Have any of you jumped on these monthly subscriptions?
  • Summer might be winding down, but I’m already planning my next vacation.  Song of Style‘s recent travels to Italy inspire a European trip for next year.
  • For all you mommies out there, I am loving all baby clothes from Carter’s.  They’ve got the cutest styles around and are of great quality.  A+ in my book.
  • This alfresco bash should convince anyone to throw one more outdoor picnic/party/bbq before fall knocks on our door.

That’s all for now…thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

In the News: The Upper House x Christian Louboutin

Happy Friday, friends!  Beginning today, I’d like to start a new segment on the blog called “In the News” which will cover interesting fashion or beauty news that I uncover.  Every day there are innovative and fun fashion/beauty-related ideas cropping up all around us and I would love to document them here.  At least those I find most intriguing!

Louboutin image

Recently I read an article in Conde Nast Traveler about Hong Kong’s The Upper House hotel teaming up with Christian Louboutin and The Nail Library (a spa) to offer some amazing packages and discounts for those who are staying at the hotel.  Based on the room booked, guests receive a signature “Red Slipper” cocktail, scented candle, and a leather Louboutin card holder, among other perks such as beauty treatments.  Another package gifts travelers a pair of Christina Louboutin Air Loubi flats.


As a fan of the French fashion house and of bustling Hong Kong, this is up my alley.  I need to book a trip to Hong Kong, ASAP!

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To Travel: Loire Valley / Provence

Paris is always a good idea.  After having visited Paris a number of times, I would like to make the hop south to southern France where the land of chateaux and lavender fields abound.  I’m talking about Loire Valley and Provence.

Loire Valley Provence map

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From the beautiful architecture to the gorgeous landscape, these historic towns would make for a very romantic trip.  Time to get planning…

Hope you’re having a great week!


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Pool Days

Happy Monday!  How are your resolutions holding up these first few days of the new year?  Most of us are probably dreading this first day back to work or school…otherwise known as the daily routine.  Well, as much as we can, let’s challenge ourselves to make this a fresh start and look at this new work/school month with a positive attitude, one week at a time.  Instead of eating lunch at your desk, go someplace new for lunch (and eat something different!), instead of following the same workout regime as before, try a new class, jog outside instead of at the gym, or go to a different neighborhood to jog.  Of course this is all much easier said than done but if we encourage each other and change up the routine, it’ll make this Monday and future Mondays to come a lot easier to wake up to.

And if you’re still lingering on vacation time, as I may be this particular morning, you may just find yourself perusing through your vacation photos.  Here are some more from Kauai – enjoy!


Lazy afternoons by the pool.  One of the best ways of exercise during pregnancy is definitely swimming and this is something I did every day in Kauai.




Cover-up – Ann Taylor (non-pregnancy version, other ideas here and here) / Panama Hat – J.Crew / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban / Flip-flops – Tory Burch


Seeing Red




After a long journey home (including one cancelled flight), we are back from Kauai!  Instead of a set schedule and itinerary, we decided to plan our trip day by day.  In the end, it was a very relaxing trip which was just what this mama-to-be ordered.  Almost every day you could find me lounging by the pool, snacking, taking a dip, rinse and repeat.  There were a lot of couples who had a similar idea and we made a few friends along the way!

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Bathing suit – Pez D’Or / Chambray shirt – Madewell / Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Hat – J.Crew



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you and yours! We are currently in Kauai and our first few days have been wonderful and relaxing. This baby mama wouldn’t have it any other way.

This growing sweet little baby of ours is the best Christmas gift of all and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to meet him soon.

Thanks for supporting the blog and stopping by this past year. Have a merry, merry holiday and hope you get all the gifts you’ve asked for! 😉

Leaving on a Jet Plane…



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The above photo is not me (yet!) but I am hoping to take some of my own photos very soon.  Today, we leave for a mini vacation to Kauai!  This year, we’ve decided to do something a little different for the holidays and instead of celebrating a traditional Christmas with family we are going on our babymoon.  Given how busy we’ve been the last few weeks, setting up the nursery (photos to come), wrapping up work engagements, taking newborn classes, and getting ready for our niece to come visit next week, I can’t imagine us jetting off and taking a tropical vacation.  Yet, things magically progressed nicely and next thing I know we’ve booked ourselves a trip.

I’m really looking forward to this Hawaii trip.  While you won’t see me surfing or hiking treacherous coastlines, you will find me swimming everyday, catching up on reading, and making a spa date or two for myself.  And maybe squeezing in one little hike.  Most importantly, the hubby and I are looking forward to spending some quality time together, especially before the madness begins in a couple of months.

Happy Tuesday and sending lots of love over to you and your family this holiday!




Morning Espresso on Instagram

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Sharing some recent (and belated) photos from Instagram:

  • My daily morning routine in Taiwan was getting a cup of espresso
  • Shopping in Taiwan
  • During my most recent visit to Chicago, I walked along Lake Shore and saw the beautiful skyline
  • Every day at the beach in Bali, I tackled the New York Times crossword puzzle!
  • A view from the top of Rock Bar, a famous bar in Bali located right along the ocean

Hope you’re having a great week!  It’s another super busy week here in Silicon Valley…





As you read this, I am en route to Taiwan and Bali for the next two weeks!  This trip has been in the works for a while and both the hubby and I are very excited for our two destinations.  Taiwan is a 12-hour flight away and a trip that I do once every 2-3 years.  I have family there — my dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins — and I try to make it out to see them whenever I can.  Bali, on the other hand, is pure vacation.  It’s been on the bucket list for a while and I’m finally getting a chance to visit this year.  Bali is a place full of natural beauty, history, culture, as well as luxury.  I can’t wait to explore and share my adventures and photos with you.  🙂

Please follow me on Instagram for insta-moments of what I’m up to these next couple of weeks!   xoxo

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Life via Instagram

Good morning and happy Thursday!  I have been traveling a lot lately and capturing images via Instagram.  Here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to from my Instagram page.  It is shaping up to be quite a busy summer and I will be back on the road again this Memorial Day long weekend!  Please find my latest photos on Instagram at EspressowithEm.  Have a great day!