Raymond Vineyards




Continuing on the birthday celebrations in Napa last weekend.  Spent a wonderful day playing winemaker for a day by blending cabernet sauvignons, merlot, and cabernet franc at Raymond Vineyards.  It was so fun and educational plus the property is gorgeous with a beautiful farm.  Definitely right up this wine enthusiast’s alley.  I highly recommend it!


Photos taken at Raymond Vineyards

Morning Espresso on Instagram

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are a few recent photos from my Instagram.

I’m off to a weekend getaway (this time my company is sponsoring) in wine country!  We are headed to Sonoma and will be staying two nights.  I am super excited for our wine cave dinner…I heard it will be amazing and there will be plenty of great vino.   I hope to capture some photos for the blog from the weekend, but to see my latest ones, you can follow me here.  Have a fab weekend! xoxo

Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover and Cocktail Enthusiast





Since I am a wine lover and cocktail enthusiast myself, I thought it would only be appropriate to have a separate gift guide for those who love…wine and cocktails!  I do have a knack for collecting stemware (can’t have too many) and gift barware items to my husband all the time (he’s the resident bartender at home) so creating this list was super fun for me.  These are truly gifts that keep on giving.  Without further ado…


Food & Wine’s 2013 Wine Guide (I own this book and refer to it quite often!)

Iittala stemware

Chic and modern stemware from Iittala

william_sonoma_iceKing Cube silicone ice cube trays (perfectly chills your drink while melting slowly)

amazon_bitters_setFee Brothers cocktail bitters set


How about a monthly subscription to a favorite winery?

electric wine opener

Electric wine opener (cordless and re-chargeable)

wine saver

Vacuum wine saver

Noritake Palais Black-15536-15537

Blind tasting stemware

Wine 102: Cabernet Sauvignon Appreciation

Having been a wine enthusiast for several years (aka I am very good at wine drinking), I recently decided to up my game: attend a formal wine class.  Through some browsing on the web, I stumbled upon localwineevents.com, a site that provides a listing of food and wine related events by your region/town of choice.  After a quick filtering of events for San Jose, CA, I came across the J. Lohr Wine Center’s 2012 Wine 102 Education Series.  Bingo!

My first class was a wine appreciation seminar hosted by Lawrence Lohr, Director of Wine Education, at the J. Lohr Wine Center.  The cost was $30/pp.  We tasted Pinots from Burgundy and California (emphasis on J. Lohr wines), learned about the soil and climate conditions of growing the grape, and discussed the tasting characteristics of the popular red.  All in an intimate setting of no more than 15 people.  I had so much fun that I’m looking forward to attending the next class – Cabernet Sauvignon.  Sweet!

Here are the details in case you are interested:

Wine 102: Cabernet Sauvignon Appreciation

J. Lohr San Jose Wine Center

1000 Lenzen Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 288-5057
Also, do check out your local food and wine events at localwineevents.com!