Playful Sweaters


photos courtesy of J.Crew

Imagephoto from Cleavitz

While shopping for some cashmere and wool sweaters this past weekend, I couldn’t help but get drawn to these cute and playful sweaters.  From cats to hens, these creative sweaters are popping up everywhere!  I might just have to add one of these patterns to my repertoire.  While not the most suitable for consultant day-time wear, they are the perfect casual Friday attire paired with jeans.  Definitely changes up the regular black and gray sweater colors. What say you?  Go or no go?

Rolling in the Deep


Image courtesy Pinterest

I’m in the market for a new lipstick (maybe gloss!) and I’ve been thinking about continuing the burgundy trend with the burgundy lip.  I have stuck with my NARS Semi-Matte lipstick in Flamenco for most of summer and into fall.   It’s a cranberry/candy red apple color that looks great on my skin tone.  But the merlot/wine-stained lip?  I’m not sure…but am game to try!  These are a few that I’m eye-ing right now:

Image Bobbi Brown Lip color in Burgundy $21

Image Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga $25

What do you all think??

For Love and Lemons


Haven’t posted about food and entertaining lately, so this post is dedicated to a lovely new site I stumbled upon. The site is Love and Lemons.  As you can see, Jeanine Donofrio and her husband Jack, take some beautiful pictures of the food they make (mostly vegetarian and some gluten-free) that make your taste buds salivate.  Although I am generally a lover of all foods and eat everything (meat, seafood, you name it)…this site hits the spot for those days when you want a clean, colorful salad, a warm comforting soup, or a delicious, feel-good sandwich.  Gotta get in those daily veggies, right?  I’ll definitely be subscribing to this blog and trying some of the recipes.  Hm, is it time for lunch yet?  Check out the site and you can also follow their twitter at @lovelemonsfood. Enjoy!

Punch up with Metallics


Ever since I saw this photo, I have been hooked on getting a pair of silver metallic pumps.  Metallics are right on trend, especially as an accessory to punch up an outfit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love tone-on-tone dressing as in the photo above, but the shoe just finishes this ensemble perfectly.  Here are some options:

Image Splurge for Jimmy Choo

Image J.Crew, always a great choice

Image a square toe for YSL

In Honor of Bubbly

I had the pleasure of attending the Masters of Wine champagne tasting last evening at San Francisco’s Ferry Building.  The champagnes were divided into vintage, non-vintage, blanc de blancs, dose and non-dose champagnes (dose refers to champagne with dosage, or the sugar that’s added after the second fermentation and indicates the sweetness level of the champagne).  My favorite of the night was the Pol Roger champagne under dose. Although I would have liked to have had a more formal event where Masters of Wine experts taught us how to drink and describe champagne, the event did allow me to catch up with my girlfriends while sipping bubbly.  I guess it met the most important criteria, right?

From Taittinger, Bollinger, Moet & Chandon to Dom Perignon, the top cuvees were definitely on hand. Here is a picture of one of the tables:


And for some inspiration…

I love collecting barware for my growing ‘bar-at-home’ and recently bought the edge flutes (below) to add to my repertoire.  Don’t you just love these modern and pretty champagne glasses?  Get to your nearest Crate & Barrel and grab some for your next dinner party!


Edge flute (top) and Verve flute (bottom)